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Les Badines is a baroque ensemble, founded in the spring 2013 including Tinne Albrectsen, Winnie Bugge Frandsen, Marcus Mohlin and Hanna Thiel.

Quand je voix le soleil, their first concert programme, selected from some of the foremost pearls of the french high baroque repertoire, is as taylormade for their combination of instruments.

Les Badines was created with the wish of coming together in close chambermusical fusion , through inspiring, personal, energetic, playful, sonoric, but also well-informed interpretations, and sharing the results with the audience.

The work of the group can be characterized by a striving for deep solidarity and emotional honesty, but never forgetting the sweetest spices of life, humour, bubbly happiness, and timeless playfulness- hence the name Les Badines